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Dutch version of ‘Cheers’ called ‘Bar Gezellig’ airs May 7.

April 15, 2014

And this is the promo building up to the big premiere:

News Update: Ratings, new schedules & commissions.

March 30, 2014

As always, in the last week of the month the commercial broadcasters RTL and SBS announce their schedules two months ahead, so last week they published their May schedule. Interesting enough, RTL is stopping the tradition of talent shows on Fridays, while SBS6 continues with reality docu-series on the same night. What happened in the past week?

  • Divorce and ‘De Reunie’ keep on dominating Sundays. The RTL4 drama series returned with very strong numbers, although last week the NED1 show reuniting school classes to look back at their high school topped them just a bit. The Hit on RTL5 continued to attract any viewers.
  • Additionally, on Sundays SBS6 used to do very well traditionally. Even when Farmers Wants A Wife on NED1 aired or when RTL4 increased their slate with factual shows rating far above a million. But current series Stalkers and Oplichters in het Buitenland barely reach the 800.000 viewers per episode, with especially Stalkers not attracting more than 600.000.
  • On Monday new police series Smeris continued its strong performance of week 1, delivering again 900.000 viewers on NED3, which is extremely high. It also did beat Celblok H, the SBS remake of Wenthworth, by a slight difference. The RTL5 reality series From Russia With Love and Ik Heb Het Nog Nooit Gedaan scored above average on the night.
  • Tuesday’s night is still about the naked dating people. Adam Zkt Eva increased once again to 890.000 viewers, which was 250% above the station average of the week before. However, it does not win the timeslot as NED1 and RTL4 shows Opsporing Verzocht and Pro Deo rate above a million. NET’5’s and H&M’s scripted series Fashion Planet can’t impress any viewers on the night, rating just a bover 150.000..
  • Celebrity Wife Swap keeps on being a performer for RTL4 on the Wednesday, although is far behind NED1 antique show Tussen Kunst & Kitsch. Dannii Lowinski on SBS6 has a little bit more trouble delivering the numbers from the previous series, but still does reasonably okay with 750.000, followed by the healty panel show De Lijf Show with 742.000.
  • Thursdays shows had a lot of competition with 1,2 million viewers for a cup semi-final match, however – Ali B and his 40 wishes, the TV Lab show, opened just below a million. Expedition Poolcircle went well up from last weeks opening, getting 500.000 for the second episode, doubling the figure from last week.
  • The RTL4 dating show Dear Neighbouts, Help My Daughter Find Love still doesn’t have it’s base. The show has been over and below a million, with the fourth episode getting far below the station average (39%) with only 630.000 viewers last Thursday.
  • NED1 police drama series Flikken Maastricht is still above the 2 million with the 8th season for the first two weeks. It stays well ahead of RTL4’s Everybody Dance Now on Fridays – rating 1,3 million for the first live show. SBS6’s reality series do okay-ish with both rating just above 500.000 viewers, but it is well enough for the docu-soap about Andy & Melisa to recommissioning another series.
  • Last night Weet Ik Veel once more won the night with 1,6 million viewers, and NED1 rating about similar like last week with Bananasplit and De Kwis. Wie Ben Ik does also quite well for the latest series.
  • SBS6 sort of launched the second series of Sterren Springen, with an introduction episode of the new cast. It attracted only 500.000 viewers, which is not promising for next week’s live show. Kluizenjacht was helped either, scoring only 425.000 viewers.

New show in development and commissioned:

  • Production company iCare is in talks with several broadcasters to bring back the Surprise show, they announced having an option on the format. The Surprise show recently returned in the UK and Germany.
  • SBS6 and Talpa are in talks about a new series of Utopia or a similar sort of set-up, looking to expend the cycle for next year. Utopia still doing very well, and SBS6 airs another one-hour special after the weekend on Monday.
  • The new schedules for RTL4 in May/June are:
    • The Blacklist / Suits on Mondays
    • Divorce Hotel / Herman Gaat Ver on Tuesdays
    • Hotter Than My Daughter / Johnny gaat Ver on Wednesdays
    • Op De Vlucht / Buch in de Bajes on Thursdays
    • Het Zijn Net Mensen / Amything Goes on Fridays
    • Typisch Carlo & Irene / Jongens Tegen De Meisjes / ZaterdagavondJURK!
    • Ontvoerd / Divorce on Sundays.
  • RTL is going to try once more to tackle the divorce theme, this time with the US concept of a Divorce Hotel. Couples are settling their divorce in a weekend, by staying in a hotel together with their lawyers and therapists.
  • Johnny gaat Ver is the football series of the SBS6 format Waar Is De Mol? Johnny de Mol jr invites Dutch football stars and looks ahead to the next World Cup in Brazil.
  • In Op De Vlucht Dutch criminals wanted by the police are tracked down by crime-reporter John van de Heuvel, also the presenter of Ontvoerd.
  • New Friday night show Het Zijn Net Mensen is a new panel show, hosted by Paul de Leeuw – his first gig for the commercial broadcaster as a host. All questions and rounds are related to animals and the world of animals, in which two teams are competing for the win.
  • The show is followed by Anything Goes, the French format commissioned all around the world. In the Dutch version comedian Jandio and singers Gerard Joling and Gordon will be the regular stars. A very interesting combination.
  • Typisch Carlo & Irene is a 2.0 version of charades, combined with the setting of Hollywood Game Night. Stars will do impressions of other celebrities in different ways.
  • ZaterdagavondJURK is hopefully the Dutch version of Saturday Night Live, although it is not even a live show… Hosted by long-time duo Jeroen van Koningsbrugge and Dennis van der Ven.
  • The new schedules for SBS6 in May/June are:
    • Het Is Wel Je Kind / Exotische Liefde on Mondays
    • NCIS / NCIS LA on Tuesdays
    • Rechercheur Ria / Bar Gezellig (Cheers) on Wednesdays
    • The Mentalist / Castle on Thursdays
    • Andy & Melisa / Yolanthe on Fridays
    • Movies / Wie Goed Doet on Saturdays
    • Boeven uit de Bouw / Undercover in Nederland on Sundays
  • Additionally, from Monday to Friday the lead-out of Utopia will be Geld Maakt Gelukkig, a new Talpa show in which a studio audition decides how much money someone deserves for their sad story and situation. Three people pitch their stories why they need money, with a team of specialists and 100 audience members dividing 100 euro each per story.
  • Wednesdays has the remake of the Spanish series Los Misterios de Laura and the highly anticipated remake of Cheers.
  • Wie Goed Doet is another Talpa show, celebrating the work of volunteers. People who deserve it are surprised by family and friends for the hard work they put in.
  • In Boeven uit de Bouw untrustworthy contractors are confronted by their victims led by a investigator and sued for the damages they have done.








News Update:

March 23, 2014

One of the most important decisions of last week was the outcome of the football highlight rights – they have been with the public broadcaster in the recent years, but with the financial cuts, it was the question whether they still could manage to buy the expensive rights. SBS6 also made a decent offer, while new channel FOX could decide to keep them, in order to improve the broadcaster’s performance. It the end the NOS, the public channel, won the tender. This will result in a change for the Champions League rights, which could end up with RTL7. In other news:

  • The one hour long episode of Utopia on Monday performed extremely, far over 1 million viewers. The full week for Utopia was the best average rating since week 4. Furthermore, the women – a couple of them – will pose in the May edition of Playboy, for a ‘massive’ 5,000 EURO – they needed the money badly apparently…
  • The ratings of The Hit keep on decreasing: after 255.000, 158.000 and 128.000, the series got a new low last Sunday with 125.000. It must be a massive blow for the channel, since there was a high expectation. The changed schedule from Mondays to Sundays did definitely not help either.
  • However, on Monday the ‘dating’ reality series From Russia With Love and Ik Heb Het Nog Nooit Gedaan are both increasing week to week, with reasonable okay numbers for RTL5, close to 350.000 viewers. However, the big hit for RTL5 is still Adam Zkt Eva – the show went up again in week 3, getting to 871.000 viewers. Additionally, the repeat on Sunday is watched by over 300k people. All in all very impressive numbers.
  • The Mole concluded on Thursday, announcing officially the winner, the loser and of course – the mole. It broke every record since the series started in ’99. The final was seen by over 3,1 million viewers and delivered more than 40% market share. Next series is already in production, finding the location and the cast.
  • In comparison, RTL5 decided to premiere Expeditie Poolcirkel (71 degrees north) on Thursday at 21.30, the time The Mole concluded on NED1, hoping the viewers who like adventure reality would change to 5. That didn’t happen. The premiere got only 265.000 viewers. And again a slot change, when it changes next week to the original schedule time of 20.30. The first series in 2012 on NED3 had 711.000 viewers.
  • On RTL4, ‘Dear Neighbors‘ picked up a lot of viewers in comparison to last weeks, just getting over a million – which is quite promising and a raise of almost 25%.
  • SBS6 is still struggling on Fridays and Saturdays, however all three original programs have found their ratings base: Kluizenjacht, Andy & Melisa and Who Wants To Marry My Son deliver okay ratings, but not impressing any advertisers I assume.
  • The one thing missing in this overview are the ratings for the drama series, but at the moment all Dutch series (Flikken, Divorce, Celblok H, Smeris, etc) are perfoming extremely well. I will highlight them in a separate post.

New shows in development or commissioned:

  • Beat It is a new show from Talpa for SBS6. Hosted by singers Gerard Joling (Sterren Springen, Celebs on Welfare & Anything Goes) and Jan Smit (hosted shows for TROS) and will premiere in the fall season, probably August or September. Easiest way to put: coaches in a non-serious singing competition with eliminations like in Don’t Stop Me Now. Per episode, both coaches have a team of 3 people. They control who is singing, and when the audience decides, one of the team members is eliminated in a crazy stunt way (Hole in the Wall / Wipeout like). The one singer remaining will win 10.000 EURO.
  • Skyhigh will produce a local version of ‘Die Ausreiser’, a German format, for the EO on NED1. Hosted by Bert van Leeuwen (Familie diner) and it is all about finding runaway kids and reuniting them with their family, or at least showing the families they are okay.

News update: Adam zkt Eva stable, Kluizenjacht up and Dear Neighbors down.

March 16, 2014

The biggest news of the recent days still is the fact that SBS and Endemol are producing a Dutch version of ‘Cheers’, which is still incredible on so many levels. Scheduled to air at the end of April, this will be very very interesting. In other news, naked people dating on a tropical island rates really well, Kluizenjacht went up yesterday and the RTL4 dating show ‘Dear Neighbors’ went down a bit.

  • RTL5’s singer-songwriter show ‘The Hit’ still can’t impress and there is nothing the channel can do about it. It rated even lower last Sunday, but even though episodes can be re-edited, RTL5 decided to continue with the series as it is. On the brighter side, most songs do perform well in the rankings.
  • On Monday, the second episode of Celblok H was able to keep the same number of audience from the first episode. SBS6 did already well with Dokter Tinus and Dannii Lowinksi, and now also with the remake of Wenthworth. In April another remake will premiere, called Rechereur Ria; based on the Spanish series Los Misterios de Laura.
  • Adam Zkt Eva, the RTL5 naked dating series, was able to even improve on the ratings of the premiere. The show went up to 813.000 viewers, a huge number for RTL5, and rates especially well in the 20-34 target group. NET5 on the other hand got low numbers for the premiere of fashion drama series Fashion Planet, partly funded by H&M
  • Celebrity Wife Swap on RTL4 returned for a second series and premiered to a decent 1,1 million viewers, which is in line with the previous series, while De Lijf Show on SBS6 returned for its third season with 760.000 viewers.
  • The pre-final episode of The Mole broke the season record with a huge 2,5 million viewers (33% market share) on Thursday, it was the second most watched episode ever. On RTL4 however, the second episode of ‘Dear Neighbors, Help My Daughter Find Love’ dropped to a low 800.000 viewers, losing 25% from the first episode.
  • Flikken Maastricht, one of the longest running original police series, returned for its 8th season on Friday with 2 million viewers, leaving RTL4’s Everybody Dance Now behind with 1,4 million. SBS6 can’t break into higher numbers with the reality series Andy & Melisa and dating show Who Wants To Marry My Son, both around 500.000 viewers.
  • Last night SBS did perform ‘more ok’ with Kluizenjacht, the second episode of the new Talpa game show went up a bit, but it is still a very low number for Saturday night: 465.000 viewers. In comparison, RTL4 won the night with ‘Weet Ik Veel’ getting 2,1 million, while De Kwis on NED1 had 1,4 million viewers.

New shows that are in development are:

  • Peter van der Vorst, host for RTL4 and owner of Vorst Media, is in development of a Dutch version of Benefits Street and has announced SlimmerIQen, based on the Channel 4 series Child Genius.
  • Ewout Genemans, the man behind From Russia With Love, Ik Heb Het Nog Nooit Gedaan & Fans!, is producing a new series in which gay sons will confront their ‘anti-gay’ fathers.
  • RTL4 continues with the Hotter Than My Daughter series and is producing a new season for fall.
  • The AVRO has announced a second season of adventure reality series ‘Atlas’, which aired in September last year.
  • The editor in chief of The Mole for the last couple of years and being with the show since 1999, is leaving the series after the current season on air. He is however starting his own production company and has sold an adventure reality series to BNN, scheduled to air in 2015. Could that be a The Mole 2.0 version?


Utopia Update: one hour episode, 2 love couples and other drama.

March 16, 2014

Utopia is nothing more than an ordinary real life soap opera with a constant influence from production. The main difference with all the other reality series like Big Brother, Secret Story, The Gouden Kooi is the amount of camera’s and production value. Nonetheless, the format is still a huge, constant success for SBS6 in access prime-time and is even increasing in numbers again.

I still hope that any of the other countries (at the moment solely the USA and Turkey) really will fulfil the premise of the original when producing the format. Because the ‘new society’, ‘no contact with home’, no visits nor permitted leave or ‘no rules’ – it is all completely gone. And that is still a huge miss for me personally. Anyhow, ratingswise the series is picking up a bit again.

Week 8 was on average 876.000 viewers per episode, week 9 got already up to 915.000 viewers on average, while last Thursday the show got above the 1 million for first time in three weeks. This is probably the reason why next Monday SBS6 will air a – one time only so they say… – 60 minute long episode from 19.30 to 20.30; they probably are going to test if an hour long episode still works as well, which would make the show much cheaper instantly of course. Although they have announced the longer episode due to all the things happening in the last week and they need the extra 30 minutes to tell the viewer the full story. But what has happened?

There are two couples at the moment: Billy and Ruud are ‘dating’ for a couple of weeks now, have regular sex and it all happened after a drunk night. Since they don’t use/have any protection, Ruud though Billy was pregnant, which is not (yet) the case. Rienk and Nicoline shared their first kiss last week, after weeks of trying by Rienk, but that finally happened, but it is unsure how that plays out.

Andrea has been visited by her (former?) husband in the previous week as well, after they have been fighting in the media about a divorce. She is already older, he is already much older and faces health problems. He said he wanted to end the relationship in the main newspaper, which led to all kind of things and has been solved with him visiting Andrea in Utopia. In mild words, she is a bit mental and has the most dramatic story line of all: her step-daughter died two weeks after Utopia started, she missed the funeral. Her own daughter has been in the media a lot as well, and she was accused in Utopia of stealing clothes from a charity event.

The other interesting story line happening now is with Paul, a guy who was the leader of the group in the beginning but not any more. However, he has medical issues so bad, that a doctor has visited him and they need to check him out completely, which will take two weeks and then he is allowed to return in Utopia again, gaining all kinds of information from that ‘outside’ world. It’s a bit strange and contradicts all that John de Mol stated before starting the project.

And at the moment, all online Utopians can vote again for two people going in next week, in order to eliminate one of the current inhabitants and have a new member of their society. This happens every four weeks: three people are profiled on the website, all ‘online followers’ can vote for their favourite. The two nominees with the most votes are allowed to enter for a couple of days. The original Utopians vote between themselves as well, with three people being nominated and they chose one of the two new people. The new Utopian has to eliminate one of the three original nominees.

And last but not least they are in some sort of financial troubles, they need to cut down in luxury and save some more money, plus they need to earn much more than they are doing now.


SBS6 is doing a remake of ‘Cheers’ called ‘Bar Gezellig. For real.

March 12, 2014

And that is all I have to say about it. I am still confused. Produced by Endemol, airing from the end of April on Friday nights.

Saturday new shows: Kluizenjacht, Pop Cafe & De Deal.

March 9, 2014

Although RTL4 has been dominating the Saturday nights for quite some, other channels try to compete with new schedules or shows. NED1 has family entertainment, NED2 has a lot of drama series on prime-time, NED3 tries to get a respectable share with music-related shows while SBS6 will bring back ‘Sterren Springen’ in a couple of weeks and has already a new game show. But did it help to win back any viewers?

Similar to last week, RTL4 won the night with ‘Weet Ik Veel’, the second series of the celebrity/student quiz. ‘Wie Ben Ik’ is slipping up a little bit in comparison to the first series, with NED1 performing better thanks to hidden-camera show Bananasplit and ‘current affairs’ quiz show ‘De Kwis’. New drama series De Deal on NED2 got 469.000 viewers, which is a fair start.

Popcafe, a new AVRO show, hosted by The Mole host Art Rooijakkers opened with only 215.000 viewers and 3% market share. Not a very impressive start, and the show itself was a weird mix between a quiz show, a talk show and a radio show. Two teams, led by a radio DJ and a famous musician, compete in several rounds answering questions all related to music. When they want to answer a question, they need to ring the bell far above the table. In between there are clips, discussions, personal questions. You don’t really know what you are watching so what’s the need?

SBS6 will air movies at prime-time until ‘Sterren Springen’ returns at the end of March, but already programmed a new – Lottery sponsored – game show at the 22.00 time slot: Kluizenjacht, hosted by Marc Klein Essink. Ratingswise it couldn’t impress many people. The show opened with 349.000 (5,4%), in comparison – last weeks (repeat?) airing of ‘Komt een man bij de dokter’, a sketch show, did better with 394.000. At its own, without a lead-in of a big show, Kluizenjacht won’t do well in the coming weeks I assume.

The format itself was a typical Talpa show to be honest. The structure was okay, almost all games and elements were used in other shows: there was nothing new about it. One contestant is playing 6 rounds to eliminate vaults. In each round, he needs to chose a person out of 3 possible candidates, based on age, profession and education. So, he knows the topic of the question (for example female attraction – the question later was about female celebs in Playboy), chooses an opponent and they play the question. If he wins the round, he can eliminate a vault, if the ‘audience’ wins, the person gets 5,000 EURO.

When all six rounds are played, he has the possibility to open a vault with the chance of winning 500,000 EURO or spinning a wheel with a guaranteed win of 25.000 EURO up to 75,000 EURO. So, everyone who needs to choose between 2 or more vaults, will be taking the spin – if they really think about it. For me, the questions where all right, fun to play along, the set was okay – but whether you want the main contestant to win or the audience, I couldn’t be less bothered. The element of Miljoenenjacht (Deal or No Deal) is playing along all the time and the tense moment of opening the cases. That is something lacking in this. A few impressions of the show:









RTL5 scores big with naked people dating on an island.

March 5, 2014

Well, apparently it is still a big thing – even for Dutch television: naked people on telly. The new show Adam Zkt. Eva brings a guy and a girl naked on an island, where they meet for the very first time. Halfway through the episode a third person arrives on the island as well. At the end, the ‘Adam’ or ‘Eve’ needs to choose for his or her match, while the chosen match has the choice between love or money. All in all, quite a standard dating format with one major difference: everyone is naked throughout the full episode.

The show rated quite well for RTL5, especially compared to the other shows airing earlier this week: The Hit, De Modepolitie 2.0, From Russia With Love and Ik Heb Het Nog Nooit Gedaan all couldn’t impress a lot of viewers. Adam Zkt. Eva got 806.000 viewers with 11,4% market share, which is more than the station average. Additionally, the premiere of “I Can Make You A Supermodel” as the lead-out got a very decent start as well with 431.000 viewers (6,4%). After the read more, some clips of the new series – which are definitely not suitable for work:

Read more…

Sunday Update: ratings, new shows & promo’s.

March 2, 2014

Suddenly there are new shows all over the place: the first block of new series airing in March and April will start this week, with a second block of new content airing in May & June. It will be mostly interesting how SBS will perform, considering they are planning on 5 nights of original content. But first, a little recap of last’s weeks premieres and ratings.

Utopia rated on average 876.500 viewers in week 8, around 13,5% market share; so again lost a couple of ten-thousands from the previous week, but still making a lot of people happy at SBS and Talpa. NET5 tried something new, when scheduling the Dutch Masterchef series across the week at 20.30, but that didn’t result in great ratings. It started well with 371k on Monday, but on Thursday there were only 133.000 viewers left.

For weekend entertainment, RTL kept the domination ongoing, even though SBS offered original, alternative content. The second season of Everybody Dance Now took the win on Friday, opening similar to last year (1,5 million). SBS6 didn’t rate as high as they might expected. The real-life series starring former Ajax and Everton player Andy van der Meyde ans his wife got just above the 500.000, while dating series Who Wants To Marry My Son was just below the 500k mark. LAst night the RTL shows Wie Ben Ik and Weet Ik Veel did outstanding, although the NED1 quiz show ‘De Kwis’ also rated quite high.

Tonight is going to be very interesting. The RTL combination of Moordvrouwen and Miljoenenjacht should win the night, while NED1 offers the always strong performing ‘De Reunie’. SBS6 has two new formats scheduled: Stalkers by Alberto Stegeman, in which he helps victims of long lasting stalkers, and is followed by the second series of Oplichters in eht Buitenland, showing how tourists getting conned by criminals abroad. And as mentioned earlier – The Hit has been rescheduled to Sundays as well, so it will be interesting if the show can pull more viewers. However, additionally to the strong competition on the big channels, NED3 airs a new adventure reality in which youngsters revive ‘D-Day’. Similar to a series in 2012 (The Battle of Arnhem), 30 young adults get the experience how it has been for the soldiers fighting for freedom in the second World War.

For the upcoming week, other new shows that we can expect:

  • Celblock H – the Dutch remake of the Australian series Wenthworth. The actresses starring the series are very well-known and praised, and I think SBS is expecting a million at least for this show. It is followed by a new series of Kleine Babies, Grote Zorg, so a very female orientated night.
  • RTL5 gets back to what they did well: reality with a edge. From Russia With Love and ‘Ik Heb Het Nog Nooit Gedaan’ were scheduled for Sundays, but will now premiere on Monday evening. From Russia With Love will see the journey of Dutch (older) guys finding a wife in the Ukraine, while the second series of Ik Heb Het Nog Nooit Gedaan portraits the lives and search of virgin’s.
  • On Tuesday it might be even a bigger audience for RTL5 – then the naked dating show Adam Zkt Eva premieres. Promo’s are running a lot on all RTL channels and it will be interesting whether this finds a place with the audience. It is followed by the new series I Can Make You A Supermodel, starring model agent Paul Fisher and his team to find new top-models in the Dutch streets.
  • Next week Wednesday RTL premieres a new season of Celebrity Wife Swap, while SBS already this week returns with new episode of the health & medical panel show ‘De Lijf Show’.
  • This Thursday RTL4 has a new dating series as well: Help Mijn Dochter Aan de Man – it will be interesting whether this will do well, but considering it is the same host from Hotter Than My Daughter, this could be a great new series for the channel.
  • Previously scheduled to premiere yesterday, the new game show Kluizenjacht will premiere next week Saturday on SBS6, at 22.00; which is a bit odd of that kind of show, but maybe it does surprisingly well. The odd thing is that I can’t find a promo for the show nor have seen it anywhere yet.

There are many other promo’s for the shows running currently on TV or coming up, so here they are:

Celblock H

Adam Zkt Eva!/generic-promo-PROMO/8e7f8a30-4328-4dc0-a589-cd98d4494616
I Can Make You A Supermodel

De Langste Dag

The Hit!/generic-promo-PROMO/7548fb76-cc37-458e-be24-e1610b9f01bd
From Russia With Love
Ik heb het nog nooit gedaan
Help Onze Dochter Aan De Man



Was there anything exciting going on during the Olympics?

February 26, 2014

In short? No. The last two weeks have been dominated by the Olympic broadcasts, like in any other country. Was there any other content on TV? Yeah, there was some. Was it anything exciting that you might have missed? To my humble opinion not really, but in order to give you the full picture, a short summary.

It might sound too negative, but in comparison to my own interest in TV for the last weeks and the next weeks – there is a lot of new stuff coming up and I am looking forward watching it, in contrary to the past weeks. Whether it might be good or bad, at least there are new formats and we can discuss, criticise or praise it. One of the few real, new hits has been a travel show called Floortje Naar Het Einde Van De Wereld, in which the very experienced Floortje Dessing travels to places all over the world where people live in complete isolation. It did help that the format is the lead-out of the still high-rated Wie Is De Mol, but more than once the show got more than 2 million viewers on Thursday on NED1.

Furthermore, NED1 did of course extremely well with Farmer Wants A Wife – the finale rated over 4 million viewers, while the ‘normal’ version and a ‘food special’ version of ‘Test The Nation’ did also very well, getting more than 1,5 million viewers. On the opposite, the most successful channel of 2013 RTL4 struggled a bit with its formats in January and February. Beat The Crowd, a lottery sponsored quiz/game show, could not get anywhere near the slot average on Wednesdays, while the 2nd season of make-over show ‘A New Beginning’ on Tuesdays also failed to attract a lot of viewers. The latter has already been cancelled for a third season. Furthermore, The Voice: Kids got its lowest rating season of the series.

On the other hand, the channel still dominated Saturdays and is back on top on Sundays: All You Need Is Love did well, while ‘Weet Ik Veel’ returned big last Saturday. Drama series Moordvrouw and personal favorite Miljoenenjacht are leading on Sundays since it returned two weeks ago.

SBS6 does slowly gets back on track with the push from the Utopia ratings, but there has still be a lack of own content. Although Sundays are as strong as it used to be, with shows hitting over million, Wednesdays are okay-ish. Dannii Lowinski does reasonably well, while financial/factual/reality series ‘How Much Are You Worth?’ portraits normal and ‘famous’ people, showing how valuable their lives are. An okay format, nothing wrong with it, but not the blockbuster hit that a channel might have hoped for. It will be much more interesting from this week onwards, and especially in April when they have 5 nights containing own original Dutch content. A lot of Talpa formats, obviously, but still – new, original formats are always needed and welcome!

What kind of shows can we expect in the coming weeks? The return of ‘De Kwis’ on NED1, a sort of adventure reality format reviving ‘D-Day’ for BNN at NED3. Furthermore, I am looking very much forward to the dating series ‘Help Onze Dochter Aan De Man’ (the Keshet dating series) on RTL4 and the return of panel show ‘Who Am I?’, plus the remake of Australian series ‘Wenthworth’, which could do really well on SBS next Monday. Also for SBS, there will be another Bankgiro Lottery sponsored game show format called ‘Kluizenjacht’.

RTL5 is doing a lot of new content, with The Hit already being rescheduled to Sundays instead of Mondays. Next Tuesday will be a very important day when the naked dating series Adam Zkt. Eva premieres, which is already getting a lot of attention and the model creating show “I Can Make You A Supermodel”. As you can notice, a lot of interesting stuff coming up!